Before And After Squats: What To Really Expect?

You have probably been thinking about squatting for a while now, but you are not sure of what’s waiting for you on the other side once you begin. To be honest, there’s very little information on before and after squats, mostly what you get is pictures. While pictures may be helpful, they don’t prepare you for the real feeling.

Before I get into that, I need to emphasize the importance of practicing good form and posture while doing your squats. Without this, you will be in for a whole different adventure, one filled with injuries and zero results.

Now that that’s out of the way, what can you expect after squatting? Take a peek at exactly what you are in for when you start this exercise. I promise not to leave anything out!




This is usually the first effect of squatting. While performing your reps and sets, you will notice contraction of your muscles, but this does not prepare you for what’s coming. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) are a fancy name for the soreness you feel the next day after squatting.

Soreness is a normal occurrence as a result of engaging in a new exercise and should be nothing to lose any sleep over. In other words, muscle soreness in your thighs, calves, and glutes after squatting is normal and will wear off as you progress.

If anything, this is good news as it means that you are engaging your muscles and soreness is their way of responding. To reduce the effects of soreness after squatting, you ought to invest in before and after stretching exercises. These prepare your muscles for the vigorous exercise and stretch them out afterward reducing the effects to come.

You can also use massages and ice packs to relieve the pain. Rest before your next workout is primal to prevent injuries and give your muscles a chance to recover. Don’t let use soreness as your excuse to quit squatting; the results will be totally worth it.

In addition, you can wear a weight lifting belt while training help reducing back injuries and boost your performance in lower body exercises such as squatting.

Gradual Improvement

Gradual Improvement

At this point, the worst is over. You have overcome the soreness, and before you know it, you will be able to squat in proper form and complete your sets with minimal help from a trainer. As you progress, you will be able to lift heavier loads and do more reps. This means you are on the right track to getting a bubble but and toned thighs.

You will probably notice that your lower body muscles these are, the glutes, hamstrings and calves are starting to become firmer. This usually happens within four to six weeks of constant and proper squatting. I should probably mention that to attain this, you ought to incorporate squats with other exercises and have a schedule that involves rest to promote growth. Now you know!

Lower Body Transformation!

Lower Body Transformation

Finally, this is what you have been waiting for! Right? For most people, three to six months is what it takes to see results of squatting. What exactly are these results? You ask. Well, continuous progressive squatting while following all the right rules, (proper diet, form and rest between workouts) will yield a rounder and firmer butt, toned thighs, and calves.

Most women would like to focus on the glutes instead of their thighs. This can be achieved by maintaining a wider stance while doing your squats. If you are thinking of targeting your thighs, a narrow stance is the way to go.

To target calves, standing on your toes while doing squats works together with other exercises for calves. Well, there you have it, guys! I should however mention that failure to get results in three to six months should not worry you, as long as you are doing it right, squatting will pay off. Besides, there is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer!

Replace Fat With Muscle

Replace Fat With Muscle

Experts have discovered that the best way to lose fat is through exercises that promote muscle growth. I’m not saying that cardio is bad, but cardio will lead to fat loss with no muscle gain making your butt situation worse due to sagging! Moreover, studies have shown that strength training is the fastest way to burn fat.

I know most female cringe at the thought of muscle gain. You probably have a right to, but the good news is, muscles gain for women is very different from that of men due to testosterone.

Women have very little levels of testosterone to allow them to gain huge muscles and end up looking like the Hulk. Instead, you will get a toned body with a nice butt and a bonus of leanness thanks to low body fat.

Overall Body Strengthening And Health

Overall Body Strengthening and Health

You have probably heard that squats are a functional exercise right? Well, they are. The benefits of doing squats are enough to get running to the gym in no time. In fact, there are so many I will only touch on the major ones.

For starters, squats are very efficient for improving mobility and stability. After continuous squatting, you will have strengthened your core and lower body improving body balance and posture.

Squats also strengthen your joints and connective tissues due to the contractions of muscles while working out. This promotes the daily movement activities of an individual allowing them to be swifter and more flexible.

Moreover, squats just like other exercises promote healthy skin and hair as well as hormonal balance. So, what are you waiting for? Start squatting your way to a happier healthier life!

Overall Body Strengthening and Health


As mentioned earlier, squats are a functional exercise that promotes the general health and appearance of an individual. With a little patience, hard work and a smart routine, you will not only gain a banging body from squats but also continuous improvement in your health.

All said and done, Godspeed guys and remember to have fun squatting!

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