The Best Ab Machine For Home Workouts That Will Give You Rock Solid Abs

Studies have shown that in order to progress in your lifting workouts especially squats, you need to strengthen your core. While there are boat loads of exercises that you can use to work your abs at home, using an ab roller is conceivably the best at giving you rock solid abs. Why? You ask. Well because ab rollers not only work your abs but also the shoulders, lower back, and arms.

Moreover, this inexpensive and compact equipment is able to vary your workouts in all kinds of levels enabling progressive training hence better, faster results. In as much as ab rollers come at a pocket-friendly price, it is important to select the best option for you. It is equally important to learn how to maximize your results while using an ab roller.

In this guide, I discuss how to get the most out of your roller as well as features to look out for in an ab wheel. To top it all, I have compiled a list of best ab machine for home workouts that I think will be great for you.


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Features To Consider When Buying An Ab Roller

This may come as a surprise to you but, there is more to buying an ab roller than just pinpointing the one with the fanciest design. You have to consider some features such as the wheel design among others, to determine the exercises you will tackle. To find out more about ab roller features, read on.

The Wheel Design

Thanks to advancements in the fitness industry, workout equipment come in all forms and ab wheels are no exception. When it comes to the wheel, there are three major designs to consider. We have the single wheel, the double wheel, and two separate wheels.

Of the three, the double wheel, which normally comprises of two small wheels combined together, is the most stable hence great for beginners and tough workouts. The single wheel follows in terms of stability and in most cases comes angled so as to enable you to target your love handles.

When going for a single wheel, a wider wheel is better compared to a narrow one if stability is something you want to capitalize on. The two separate wheels (one for each hand) are a refreshing addition to the roller designs and are great for anyone working on their balance.

The Hand Grip

Emphasis on the hand grip is mainly for ergonomic purposed. Remember, your body weight is on the wheel as you push back and forth hence comfort is a necessity when choosing an ab wheel. Handles are usually made of plastic, rubber and in rare cases metal. It would be wise to steer clear from the metallic handles as they strain your palms during workouts.

Rubber or rubber paddings are the best options for handle grips with plastic as the next best option. You will also come across curved handles in modern ab wheels. These are better at optimizing on your comfort compared to straight ones.

Nonslip Features

Using a roller can be hazardous especially when in standing position due to increased chances of slipping. It is therefore, vital to consider great anti- slip features are available in the roller you intend to acquire. This mostly comprises of a curved, rubber handle providing a firm grip and rubber casing on the wheels to provide friction hence prevent slipping or falling.

The Internal Mechanism Used

Internal mechanism usually comprises of springs which are great at offering resistance during rollouts. Different resistance levels can be used for different training levels. With high resistance, you can easily target more muscles with fewer repetitions and vice versa.

Get The Most Out Of Your Ab Roller!

Ab Roller Exercise

Ab rollers are not weights alright, but that does not mean they cannot be used for progressive training. If your goal is to have solid abs at the comfort of your home, you have to vary your workouts with time so as to reap the most from your roller.

I am going to explain three variations to your normal roller workouts that will give you more resistance hence more gains. The best part is that you can gradually work your way up from normal kneeling rollouts to the toughest position offered.

1. Elevated Knees Rollouts

To elevate your knees, you can kneel on at least two seat cushions while performing your rollouts. The same form used in your usual kneeling rollouts is maintained only that this time, your knees are elevated.

This tweak in your workout does a great job at increasing the Range of Motions during your exercises hence providing resistance and variation. And as you know, resistance and variation equal progress which eventually results in gains.

2. Ab Wheel Rollout With Band Resistance

This involves tying a resistance band with one end to your wheel and the other to a stable anchor. Perform your rollouts by stretching the band as tightly as possible before releasing. This will add resistance to your workouts hence an increase in variations. To further increase resistance, you can use a harder band or even combine the band with the elevated knees routine.

3. Standing Ab Wheel Rollout

If you have never done one of these before, I suggest you take a lot of care when starting out. That said, a standing rollout is done by being on your feet when in starting position as opposed to kneeling. You can start out by mastering the lowering position before engaging in standing back up. This is done by lowering yourself to the ground knees first.

Once you master this, you can do standing rollouts continuously without kneeling to stand up. This provides the greatest resistance of the three routines and once you master this, you are bound to see positive gains not only in your abs but also your arms and shoulders.

Top Five Ab Rollers For Home Workouts

1. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro

The perfect fitness Ab Carver is designed with user comfort in mind. To allow this, it comes with ergonomic curved handles with a rubber grip to give you comfort as you perform your roll outs. The rubber also assists in providing non-slip capabilities hence you will be safe while using it.

The wheel comes in a wide single wheel design that is good for providing stability during your workouts while allowing you to workout at an angle hence targeting your love handles. It also comes with a carbon spring that provides resistance with each push and assistance as you pull the wheel back towards you.

In addition to this, you are provided with foam knee pads that are made of high-density foam, great for providing comfort as you perform your roll outs. You are also provided with a free 21-day workout plan with the purchase of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver to enable you to attain your desired body.


  • It comes with carbon steel springs that provide efficient resistance during your workouts.
  • The knee pads provided are quite convenient and comfortable.
  • It comes with ergonomic grip handles that are non-slip.
  • The wheel is wide providing great stability and ability to move at an angle hence target other parts of your abdomen.
  • It comes with a 21-day free work plan.


  • The anti-slip material used on the wheel is not rugged enough to provide efficient protection from slipping.
  • The internal springs can easily snap upon dropping.

2. Elite Ab Wheel Roller

This roller comes with a dual wheel design that enhances stability during workouts. The handles provided on the elite Ab wheel roller are long allowing excellent grip. They are also covered with rubber to provide great anti-slip properties.

Another perk of acquiring the Elite Ab roller is that it comes fully assembles and accompanied with a video instruction on how to gain the most out of the roller. It also comes with a lifetime replacement warranty such that any manufacture’s damage to it will result in an immediate replacement from the guys at Elite Ab.

The wheels are 10 inches in size which gives you a large surface to work with hence further enhancing your stability. Although this roller does not come with knee pads, I would recommend it for anyone looking to curve out some abs and get some arm workout in the process.


  • The warranty is pretty generous.
  • It comes with a wide surface that enhances your stability during workouts.
  • The handles are long and padded with rubber making them comfortable and non-slip.
  • It comes with a free workout video and ready to use.


  • The wheels are not rugged enough hence can cause slipping or falling during workouts.
  • It does not come with a mat or knee pad.

3. Speed Abs Complete Ab Workout System

This roller from Iron gym comes with steel coil mechanism that provides excellent resistance while rolling out and good return in. it comes with a large single wheel with a 7.9-inch radius, large enough to provide great stability as you work out.

The handles provided are rubberized and inclined at an angle to facilitate good grip as well as allow easy side movements for working outer parts of your abdomen. It comes ready to support a maximum weight capacity of 276 pounds, good enough to accommodate a majority of individuals.

Accompanied with it is an elaborate instruction video by a professional trainer on how to use this roller to gain the most out of your workouts. With a one year warranty, you can rest assured you are acquiring a genuine product.


  • The spring coils provide great resistance and pull in resistance allowing you gains during workouts.
  • It is large giving you stability as you work out.
  • The handles come with an ergonomic design that allows comfort and firm grip.
  • It is flexible hence can be used to target love handles.
  • An instruction video is provided with purchase.


  • No mat or knee padding is provided.

4. Valeo AB Wheel

The AB wheel comes with a simple double wheel design that is provided with rubber non-skid material to ensure you do not slip during your workout. The 6.25-inch wheels work well on any floor surface. The handles are made of metal but covered with rubber for comfort.

They are also large enough to allow you great grip as you work out. It comes with 287 pounds weight capacity and a one year warranty as a sign of durability. The double wheels are well paired together to give you stability as you work out hence this roller can work well for both beginners and professionals alike.

The wheels are also strongly attached to each other ensuring no unnecessary movements during workouts. This roller comes with a one year warranty and is quite sturdy hence you are less likely to experience any complications using it.


  • The non-skid material is used to make the wheels ensuring you do not slip during workouts.
  • The handles are comfortable and large allowing great grip.
  • It is stable as it comes with two wheels.
  • It is compact and sturdy thanks to the metal used in making it.


  • No kneeling material is provided.
  • It does not have any spring mechanism.

5. AB-WOW Ab Roller

The AB-WOW roller comes with a unique design that allows it to stand out from the rest. For one, it comes with a foot strap that allows variations in your workout. The plastic material used in the making of this roller is also excellent as it does not just come with your ordinary plastic but one that is highly durable.

The handles come layered with rubber and are large providing a comfortable and firm grip. To add to this, you are provided a knee mat and the wheels come with a smooth surface that provides excellent rolling but at the expense of slip-resistance properties. It comes with a lifetime warranty and can support a weight of up to 500 pounds hence quite durable and sturdy.


  • A knee mat is provided with purchase of this roller.
  • It is durable and sturdy thank to the high-quality plastic used in the making.
  • The handles are large and comfortable.
  • It can support an impressive 500-pound weight.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Foot strap provided allows for variation in your workouts.


  • The wheel is too smooth hence slipping is easy.


One of the surest ways to get abs while working your arms and shoulders is by using an ab roller. While these rollers come in different shapes and sizes, some feature are quite common in all rollers with the major difference being the wheel design.

In case you are on the quest of finding a good ab roller, be sure to choose one with a good internal mechanism for excellent resistance. This allows even newbies to easily perform workouts.

That said, if I were to choose just one roller from the ones above, I would place my bet on the Perfect fitness Ab Carver as it comes with great internal mechanism and stability.

Finally, there is nothing to selecting a good ab roller for your workout. All you have to do is pick one with the features mentioned above and a weight limit that accommodates you. If you have any questions concerning abs rollers we would love to hear from you so leave us some word. As usual, it has been a pleasure!

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