Best Adjustable Weight Bench For Your Lifting Sessions

I have never been to a gym that lacks a weight bench (and I have been to a lot of gyms). This shows that a weight bench is a really curtail equipment for anyone looking to build some muscles or lose weight. Weight benches can be used for all sorts of exercises ranging from upper body bench press to lower body leg curls.

Whether you are looking to buy an adjustable weight bench for home or commercial use, you have come to the right place. Today we tackle everything about adjustable weight benches including how to select one based on its features.

I will also be telling you what you stand to gain from an adjustable weight bench and as usual, I will be giving you a thorough rundown of the best adjustable weight bench in the market today. Without further ado, let’s get cracking!


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First, What Will You Get From An Adjustable Weight Bench?

  • Overall body workout either with weights or using your own body weight. This will help in building your muscles and burning fat.
  • You can vary your workouts at different intensities depending on the inclination of your bench. This allows you to perform target exercises if need be.
  • Most adjustable weight benches usually come with the ability to fold hence they will save you on space. This is quite beneficial especially if you have limited space.
  • Adjustable benches allow you to lift more weight hence get more gains fast. Studies show that you target more muscle fiber when lifting at a declining angle. Adjustable benches offer this and at various degrees of inclination.
  • It reduces the stress applied to your body when working out without affecting the quality of your workouts. When using a weight bench, you work the targeted muscle at a relaxed position. For instance, while in a declined position, your shoulders are less stressed when performing bench press than when in a flat position.

Features Of An Excellent Adjustable Weight Bench


As I said, this article cuts across all kinds of adjustable weight benches be it for home use or commercial purposes. When buying a weight bench whether it is your first time or for replacement, no matter the type of your bench, you should ensure it comes with the right and essential features. Find out more below.

Flexibility  Versertility

Different adjustable weight benches can adjust at different degrees. When going for a weight bench especially for commercial use, make sure it can incline, decline and be laid flat. This will give you a wide range of exercises to perform while at the same time engaging your muscles from different angles.

Remember to check out how easy it is to adjust it. You don’t want to waste your time adjusting your bench in between training sessions.

Also, consider the space you have and chose the size of your bench accordingly. Better yet, go for one that is easily foldable to save on space.

Weight Capacity

Most people don’t know that weight benches like most gym equipment, come with a weight limit. When considering the weight rating of your bench, remember to factor in your weight plus the weights you are going to be lifting.

In this case, do not buy a bench with a weight rating lower than 500 pounds even if you plan to use it without weights. For commercial weight benches, a bench with a limit of 1000 pounds and above will do.


This is yet another feature that most people overlook. When you get a bench that is not comfortable, you not only increase your chances of injury but also contribute to body fatigue hence you will not be able to be fully productive.

That said, the seat on your bench should be well padded to cushion you as you work out. Also, make sure that the seat is wide enough to accommodate you as you perform different workouts. Some seats are even shaped differently to enhance user comfort. Since comfort is relative, a quick inspection of your machine before buying will ensure you make the right choice.

Stability And Durability

I think it goes without saying that a good weight bench should be stable. You will be using this bench to lift heavy loads of weight, sometimes above your head (if this is not dangerous, I don’t know what is). A stable bench will not only enhance your safety but it will keep you well balanced as you work out enabling you to focus.

When looking for a weight bench, pay attention to the material used to make it. This contributes a lot to its durability as well as weight capacity. While on the topic of durability, make sure you check what warranties your machine comes with.

A good bench will have a warranty on its frame. There is no debate about this. Some come with frame warranties lasting for as long as 30 years or even a lifetime.

Some companies will also include warranties on other parts ranging from a year to two. Bottom line is, the longer the warranty the more trust you will have in the durability of your product. More so, if it malfunctions for any reason, you can rest assured you will have it fixed.

Top Adjustable Weight Benches Available

1. Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench

This bench is multi-purpose and can be used in both inclined and declined positions. You can use the bench for different pieces of training that include barbell and dumbbell exercises.

It is pretty convenient to the user as it comes readily assembled and with wheels that allow you to move it freely. Better yet, you can adjust this bench at various angles enabling you to perform a wide variety of workouts and at different levels of intensities. This helps target different muscle groups hence is more productive.


  • It has flexible wheels that allow you to move the bench from place to place therefore making it easily portable.
  • The compact design enables the bench to comfortably fit in smaller places and therefore optimizes on storage space.
  • The fact that it has the ability to lie on all angles that you may need during the exercises enhances the productivity of your workouts.
  • The sturdiness and stableness of this bench allows it to support a lot of weight and making it ideal for occupying people of different weights.


  • The bench cannot stay against the wall as it lacks a stopper.
  • The metal plane that sticks from the bottom of the seat which may scratch the floor or wall during storage.

2. Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

This is a bench that is made to adjust to any workout that you may participate in. the back pad of this bench is made to adjust to any chest exercises that range from declines, inclines as well as flat presses. Its tilting seat is able to adjust to three positions thus making it suitable for any user.

This bench keeps your body secured and comfortable throughout your workouts thanks to the sturdy steel frame paired with high-density foam.


  • It comes at a friendly price that surpasses its value. It is cheaper as compared to other benches but offers more comfort and stability during workouts.
  • The wide and stable seat that comes with the bench.
  • You are provided with six different positions during workouts.
  • It features a heavy and sturdy frame that can comfortably support various weights.
  • It is easy to fold and store away hence optimizing on space.


  • You may have a hard time installing the nuts that come with this bench.
  • It can easily wear and tear when constantly used in the decline position.

3. Bowflex SelectTech 3.1 Adjustable Bench

This workout bench consists of a removable leg whose purpose is to give maximum support to the braces. The bench offers the decline position which adds to the workouts that the bench can offers. In addition to this, the bench is of a free weight design and therefore able to support all users without giving in to added pressure.

It is also easily foldable hence optimizing on storage space. You will also notice that this bench has gone an extra mile to offer great support for your head and neck while you work out. The seats are also well padded providing comfort.


  • The small footprint that makes it suitable for use in the home gym.
  • It is sturdy enough to support your weight plus that of your equipment.
  • Well-padded seats enable you to train comfortably and effectively.
  • This bench offers great support for your head and neck, unlike other benches that don’t offer support or are too short.


  • The fact that it allows for only three angles during the workouts is quite limiting.
  • Assembly of the bench may prove to be complicated.

4. Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

This weight bench is ideal for strength training exercises as well as the dumbbell exercises. You can get involved in up to 12 backrest positions when using this weight bench.

It also offers additional support that ensures a pain-free workout session, especially on your chest. To add to this, the seat and backrest of this bench are wide enough ensuring they can accommodate even huge individuals. It features a weight limit of 800 pounds which is enough to support all kinds of different users.


  • It has large comfortable seats that will ensure you concentrate on your workout.
  • The excellent value for money that is offered by the workout bench.
  • The different positions that can be taken during the workout make this bench suitable for different types of workouts.
  • The weight limit of 800lbs that is able to support most if not all people.
  • The sturdiness of the bench ensures it remains stable throughout any workout.


  • The front lower bar that is used in the decline position as it is not padded and may end up bruising your body.
  • The instructions accompanied with this bench are not clear enough and may take a while to assemble.

5. Reebok Professional Deck Workout Bench

This bench can support the three: incline, decline as well as the flat positions during the workouts. The bench comes with two clips that are used to attach the resistance tubes and also contains two height positions.

It is also made of durable material that makes it sturdy enough during all kinds of workouts.

It can be adjusted to two different heights which is quite convenient for accommodating both tall and short individuals. You will also be able to enjoy and maximize your workouts thanks to the well-padded and comfortable seats.


  • The sturdiness of the bench makes it stable during your workouts.
  • The ease with which step-by-step exercises can be done using the weight bench as the steps of the bench is adjustable to two different heights.
  • It can be used with a resistance band for enhanced workouts and the band is provided with the bench.


  • The big round bumps on the rubberized deck surface that makes the back uncomfortable during workouts.
  • Tall people (6 feet tall) have issues using the bench as their feet will hang in the air during most exercises despite coming with the ability to adjust the height.

Final Thoughts

A weight bench can be used to work out your entire body when used correctly. It is, therefore, crucial to get it right when purchasing for whatever reason. The features above will help you narrow down your list of potential weight benches.

Make sure you also buy the right accessories with your bench such as a set of weights, a lat pull down tower, and other attachments that you might need.

Finally, from our list of the best adjustable weight bench, one managed to stand out. The Body Solid Powerline bench. Although the Macy Utility weight bench came close, the Body solid is the best option due to its ability to incline and decline at various angles hence enhancing your workout. It also quite comfortable and sturdy and will ensure you get a productive workout.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment section and I will get back to you. Otherwise, have fun lifting ladies and gentlemen!

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