The Best Pull Up Bar For Advanced Upper Body Workouts

I have to admit, it is quite rare to find pull-up bars at the gym. Maybe this is why many people are not familiar with pull-ups. Or maybe it is the complexity that comes with performing this workout. No matter what your excuse is for skipping on pull-ups, this exercise comes with a boatload of benefits not only for your upper body but your whole body as well.

That said, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of acquiring an efficient pull-up bar for performing pull-ups and other exercises that can be done with this equipment.

You are probably thinking, “I can install my own using a rod and some cement.” Well, you could, but how long do you think your rod will take before it gives in to your weight? Pull-up bars are quite affordable and come able to support your weight and then some.

The best part of purchasing a pull-up bar is that it comes with ergonomic designs and flexibility allowing you to work out more and with lots of variation. If I have won you over to acquiring a pull-up bar, you will need to know the different types of pull-up bars and the best pull-up bar be it for your home or gym.

In this guide, I will be talking about this, plus what to look for when buying a pull-up bar.


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Types Of Pull-Up Bars

If you thought pull-up bars just come in a simple rod-like design, think again. There are different types of pull-up bars based on their placement and flexibility. Before settling on your desired bar, it would be wise to know the different types and the differentiator.

Door Mounted Pull-Up Bar

These are the easiest to fit and the most flexible. Doorway pull-up bars as the name suggests are simply placed at the entrance of doors and require even less energy to remove. The fact that they are not permanent makes them ideal for performing a wide array of exercises including bar press ups.

Permanently Mounted Pull-Up Bars

Unlike doorway pull-up bars, these have to be permanently fixed which involves screwing them onto hard surfaces. When it comes to permanent pull-up bars, there are two types, ceiling pull-up bars, and wall mounted ones, placed on the ceiling and wall respectively. Since these cannot be removed as often as doorway bars, I suggest placing it in an area that is most suitable for workouts.

Free Standing Pull-Up Bars

These come with a frame upon which the bar is installed hence no need to install it in your house. The upside of having a free-standing pull-up bar is that you will be able to perform a wide array of workouts. The downside is that it takes up too much space as opposed to the doorway and permanent pull-up bars. This makes it more suitable for gyms as opposed to at home workouts.

Power Racks

Remember how I said there is no pull-up equipment in most gyms, well, this was a little overstatement. Why? Well because power racks which are found in almost all gyms; commonly used to support your weight while performing bench presses and squats can do the same for pull-ups. They usually come integrated with a pull-up bar for the said function.

The Secret Behind A Good Pull-Up Bar

Good Pull-Up Bar

Having known the different kinds of pull-up bars, you are halfway home to getting a pull-up bar best suited for you. So, if you want to purchase a great pull-up bar for your own home use or for your gym, ensure it has the qualities mentioned below.

A Sturdy Frame

This goes without saying, a good pull-up bar must be strong in order to support your weight without breaking, bending or any form of damage. While picking a pull-up bar, it is wise to select one made of steel as it will provide great reinforcement as you work out.

Generous Weight Capacity

In this case, more is always better. Select a pull-up bar with a large weight capacity to ensure that all individuals can use it irrespective of their weight.

Grip Adjustment Options

A pull-up bar that offers many grip options ranging from narrow to wide is excellent for targeting different parts of your body. For instance, if you widen the grip you can work your chest and back muscles while a narrow grip is good for your arms.

Height And Width Adjustments

Unless you are buying a pull-up bar for you solo, height and width adjustment is an important factor to consider. This will ensure that individuals of all heights and widths can be able to access and benefit from it.

Foam Pads

This is something often overlooked when getting a pull-up bar. When getting one, be sure it has foam pads on the grips to ensure you do not slip while working out. It also appeals to the ergonomic design of the bar ensuring your hands are comfortable during workouts hence enabling you to work out for longer.

A Review Of The Best Pull-Up Bars For Both Home And Gym Use

1. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar

The beauty of the perfect fitness pull-up bar is that it can be used to perform other exercises other than pull-ups. How? Well, when not attached to your door, this equipment can be flipped over and used to perform push ups, dips and sit-ups.

This gives you the chance to engage all the muscles in your upper is quite portable and compact with a weight of 6.2 pounds hence allowing for easy storage and carrying. On top of this, you are provided with three grip positions that are all padded to provide comfort hence more time working out.

The different positions provided allow for variation in your workout hence targeting different muscle groups. With a 300-pound weight limit, this pull-up bar accommodates individuals with various weights. It is also quite easy to install as it does not require any drilling and can fit door frames of 27 to 35 inches.

To top it all off, you are given a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with the purchase of this pull-up bar.


  • It is comfortably padded with foam at all grip points.
  • It can be adjusted to fit your door frame.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Can be used to perform various workouts.
  • Accompanied with user manual and a guide for workouts that can be used with this bar.
  • Three different grip positions are excellent for variation in workouts.


  • It is a bit shaky when in use since the bolts and nuts are of poor quality.

2. Joist Mount Pull Up Bar by Ultimate Body Press

The Joist Mount Pull-up bar by Ultimate Body Press is arguably one of the sturdiest pull-up bars as it comes with a steel frame. As opposed to a doorway pull-up bar, the Joist Mount is mounted on your wall or ceiling providing great stability when working out.

This allows you to focus on your form and repetitions as opposed to staying on the bar. It also comes with parallel, narrow and wide grip positions allowing you to have variations as you work out. All the three grip positions are padded allowing you comfort through your workouts.

The mount design used in the making of this pull-up bar allows you to save on space especially when you decide to use it for home workouts.


  • It is highly durable due to the steel frame used in its making.
  • The foam grips are durable and also quite comfortable.
  • Multiple grip positions are efficient for providing variation in workouts.
  • It saves on space due to mounting on the wall.
  • The sturdy frame allows for focused workouts.


  • Installation of this bar can be a bit difficult compared to other bars.

3. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

This pull-up bar comes with an incredible ease in carrying thanks to the extremely light 4.7 pounds weight it comes with. To add to this, the Iron Gym pull-up bar is quite easy to install as it does not require any screws ensuring no damage to your door frame.

Speaking of door frames, this pull-up bar is meant to fit in almost every door frame hence very convenient. It comes with three grip positions which are all padded hence your workout will be comfortable with no chances of slipping.

As if this is not enough, this pull-up bar can be used for a variety of workouts other than pull ups which include, pushups, dips and press ups. All you have to do is flip it over and you have access to a variety of workouts.


  • Very simple to install, no screws are required and all you have to do is connect the bar together.
  • This pull-up bar can be used for multiple workouts.
  • It is quite steady for a pull-up bar of its kind.
  • Expect no damage to your doors.
  • It has multiple grip options which are all padded.


  • It might not fit on all doors especially ones with small frames.

4. ProSource Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

This pull-up bar comes with a unique design that consists of 12 grip positions that are all padded with foam. This will provide you with a very wide range of workout positions that will ensure your whole upper body is well maintained.

With all those grip positions, it is not a surprise that you can perform multiple exercises with this bar which include pull ups, chin ups and leg raises as well. Another bonus of having this bar is that it is made of steel making it quite sturdy and durable.

Moreover, it allows for supporting a weight of up to 300 pounds hence many individuals can be able to use it. Despite the complex design, this pull-up bar is quite easy to assemble as it requires simple slip-in action.

An assembly guide is also included to make your work easier. It also comes with a workout guide to help you in executing your exercises.


  • 12 grip positions are excellent at providing variation in your workouts.
  • It is quite sturdy and durable hence it will allow you to focus on your workout rather than stability.
  • It can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.
  • Very easy to assemble and detach.


  • It is quite bulky hence can take up a lot of space compared to most doorway frames.

5. Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition

The Iron gym extreme edition is quite an upgrade from the iron gym upper body as it comes with five grip positions, which is two in excess of the later. It is also quite easy to install as no door damaging screws are required.

Instead, all you need is a leverage to hold it into position. This pull-up bar allows for performance of multiple workouts by positioning it differently. It can also accommodate a majority of individuals s it comes with a weight limit of 300 pounds.

It can also fit doorways of 24 to 34 inches hence can be used in many homes for at home workouts.


  • 5 grip positions provided giving you efficiency in your workouts.
  • It can fit a majority of doors.
  • It is very easy to install and remove when need be.
  • It can accommodate individuals of different weights thanks to the 300-pound weight support.


  • It is large and bulky than your conventional pull-up bar.

6. Ultimate Body Press Wall Mount Pull Up Bar

This is another excellent pull-bar by Ultimate Body press that is bound to deliver during your workouts. For one, this wall mounted pull-up bar is made of a steel frame making it durable and steady during workouts.

It also comes with two grip positions that are all covered with foam to ensure comfort and variation no matter the exercise you perform. A wide variety of individuals with different weights can be able to use this bar thanks to the provided 220-pound weight limit.

To add to all this, you can be able to perform knee exercises as a pair of parallel grips are part of this bar.

All in all, the Body Press Wall Mounted pull-up bar is great for solid upper body workouts without any shaking or rattling.


  • Very steady hence allowing uninterrupted workouts.
  • Parallel grips are excellent for knee workouts.
  • The grips are covered by rubber hence a comfortable workout is expected.
  • Adequate grip positions are provided.
  • It is sturdy and durable due to the steel frame.


  • The rubber grips are not as comfortable as expected.


Pull-up bars are quite a convenient workout equipment to have around be it for your home workout or at the gym. This may come as a surprise to you but they come with the ability to perform exercises other than pull ups hence they will give you an overall body workout.

If you end up finding the workouts monotonous, you can use pull-up bar accessories to make your exercises more challenging. Having given you the secret to getting an excellent pull-up bar and the top six pull-up bars in the market I think it is safe to assume you can make the right when getting one.

At the end of the day, there has to be a winner when picking out the best pull-up bar and that would be the ProSource Multi-Grip. This is because it is quite sturdy making it durable and steady while working out. It also comes with a generous amount of grip positions that will give you variations in your exercises. Moreover, despite its complex design, this bar is quite easy to install such that it will literally take minutes.

That said, I can confidently say that my work on pull-up bars is pretty much done. I would love to answer any questions you have on push-ups and push up bars so leave some words in the comment box and I will be glad to sort it out.

Let me know how you liked it and what you think by giving your opinion in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you thought of the article. Please share it if you liked it!

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