Hit Hard And Fast With The Best Punching Bag

I think it’s about time we acknowledged boxing and martial arts as an excellent form of strength training. To be good at this, a high-quality punching bag is vital. But here’s the problem, how do you know which punching bag to buy? Too light and you will not be doing your body any justice while hitting a bag that’s too heavy will undoubtedly lead to injuries.

There is also the issue on which material to go with when buying a punching bag. If you are planning on buying a punching bag anytime soon, stick around for some in-depth information on picking the right one.

I also did some serious legwork and came up with five of the best punching bags available today. Put your boxing gloves on and get ready to challenge your workouts.


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Types Of Punching Bags

Types Of Punching Bags

Most people are familiar with the heavy bag when it comes to different types of punching bags. These are essential in boxing but for a complete workout among the many benefits of using a punching bag. However, incorporating different types punching bags to your routine is quite important. Below are different punching bags and what they do.

1. The Heavy Bags

As opposed to lightweight bags, heavy bags are an excellent selection for anyone looking to strengthen their muscles over time. They usually come in two main forms, hanging and free standing bags each with their pros and cons which we will discuss in detail later on.

Heavy bags are excellent for training as they allow both punching and kicking action. You will experience different resistance levels Depending on the material used in the bag. Common materials used are sand, foam, and water which will also be discussed in detail later in this guide.

2. Upper Cut Bags

As the word suggests, these bags are designed to perfect the art of upper cut punches. If you are serious about boxing, this is a must have. It is smaller than a heavy bag and is usually mounted on the wall to make it stable hence hard to move while punching. Its shape also enhances its purpose.

3. Speed Bags

Proper eye and hand coordination is quite important when it comes to boxing. A speed bag allows this. These are tiny punching bags usually filled with air and mounted on walls or ceiling using a spring. The air makes it lighter than normal punching bags while the spring allows it to bounce back with speed and force.

Pair your heavy bag workouts with a little speed bag training and your opponents won’t know what hit them.

4. Double-ended Bags

This serves the same purpose as a speed bag but on a higher level. Mounted permanently to the ceiling and sometimes the floor, this punching bag bounces back when hit mimicking an opponent. Although it takes up space, it gives you great hand-eye coordination.

Does The Weight Of My Punching Bag Really Matter?

punch punching bag

If you are new to boxing, going with a punching bag that’s too heavy is as good as hitting a brick wall. It will end up injuring your joints. But this does not mean you should not challenge your workout. So how do you find the right balance between safety and a challenging workout?

Well, it mostly depends on your body weight. The rule of thumb is to go for a bag that’s half your body weight. So if you weigh 140 pounds, a 70-pound punching bag will be just fine. Of course, give or take 10 pounds.

However, this usually applies to entry level boxers looking to buy a punching bag. If you have experience, advancing gradually is the key to visible gains.

What Should Be In My Bag?

Punching Bag Man

This is the controversy of the year when it comes to buying a punching bag. Will the contents of your bag make difference in your workouts?

Well of course yes! There is no way hitting a bag full of sand will have the same feel as one with fiber or water. They all offer different resistance and each will have a different level of stiffness when hit hence affecting their ability to change shape when in use.

Sand usually has great stiffness and can be great for anyone looking for a bit of a challenge when boxing. It offers great striking experience but in many cases, it can settle at the bottom making the bag uneven.

Fiber and foam are also quite common for filling punching bags. They are easy on the body and joints and also provide a uniform striking experience. This is because it does not settle hence the bag remains even throughout the use. They may not, however, give a challenging workout when compared to sand.

When it comes to water punching bags, convenience is the word of the day. These usually feel more natural and do not shift or settle at the bottom. My best pick, especially for beginners, would be water punching bags.

However, all the above materials are capable of offering a great striking experience. So when it comes down to choosing one, it’s usually a matter of preference.

Leather Vs Vinyl Bags?

There is a rumor going around that leather punching bags are better than vinyl. Well, this is not entirely true. It often depends on the quality of the vinyl material used. While leather punching bags usually last longer and are quite eye catching, good quality vinyl can also give you service before wearing out.

The emphasis is on good quality. What will determine your final pick is the budget you have in place. Leather, as usual, comes at a hefty price.

Punching Bag

Standing Vs Hanging Punching Bags

No doubt, hanging punching bags give you that dead serious, bad ass look but do they stand up to standing punching bags when it comes to the quality of your workouts? Truth be told, they both come with their perks as well as disadvantages.

Hanging bags for one, are steadier than standing ones and swing when struck hence offering speed and coordination skills.

They are also relatively cheaper and provide great striking experience compared to their standing counterparts since they don't move when struck. They are, however, a pain to store as they take up space and poor installation can bring the roof tumbling down on you (yikes!).

Standing bags, on the other hand, are easy to store due to their wheels and are way easier to set up. This, however, comes at a high cost (literally) as they are much more expensive than hanging punching bags.

A Review Of The Best Punching Bags

1. The RDX Heavy Punching Bag

The RDX Punching bag is everything any trainer needs for a serious punching or martial arts session. For starters, it is made of high-quality leather that has a non-tear technology.

This paired with double stitches on its body ensures it does not give in to the pressure of your kicks and punches. It delivers the ideal amount of sway enough for proper foot coordination when boxing while also being able to offer some resistance for strength training.

This 25 kg heavy punching bag is filled with shredded textile that offers great shock absorption without compromising on the resistance in your workout. It also allows for striking without the content shifting to one side. In fact, it gets back in shape pretty fast and in time for your next kick or punch.

To top everything off, this bag comes heavily accessorized with punching gloves, wall brackets, a pair of hand wraps and hooks for the punching bag among other things.


  • It comes well accessorized with equipment that you will use in assembling as well as in working out.
  • It is quite sturdy tanks to the filling material giving you a challenging workout without chances of injuries.
  • Thanks to the durable leather body, this punching bag will survive some hard hits without giving in.


  • The price is a bit steep compared to most punching bags.

2. Outslayer Boxing MMA Heavy Punching Bag

This punching bag clearly does not get the recognition it deserves due to other popular brands out shadowing it. However, it is pretty durable and sturdy thanks to the high-quality material used in its making.

The 100 lb punching bag comes ready assembled and with the right balance between shock absorption for safety and resistance for a challenging workout.

With a 10 year warranty on its body (except for cases of weather or negligent damage) it is no wonder this punching bag is a best seller on Amazon.


  • Comes with a long warranty.
  • It is durable and sturdy.
  • 100 lbs are efficient for a great workout and can be used by both professionals and beginners.


  • It comes with a pretty hefty price tag and no accessories to show for it.

3. Muay Thai MMA Punching Bag

This Muay Thai punching bag is a long full-length heavy bag specially designed to serve both professionals and amateurs alike. It comes with a 100-pound weight making it challenging enough for a great workout but not too tough to cause injuries.

Due to its long 72 by 15 body, you can easily practice both punches and kicks making it ideal for commercial and at home use. It comes sealed and ready to hang hence the material used inside is unknown.

This, however, should not worry you as it is comfortable to use. Better yet, this amazing punching bag is built to stand the pressures of kick boxing thanks to its general durability and the strong chains that hold it up.


  • Its shape and length is excellent for a variety of uses including kick boxing and other different types of martial arts.
  • The filling is professionally done hence giving you a good striking experience.
  • It doesn’t take up much of your floor space.
  • It is quite durable and the filling does not shift to one side.
  • It comes ready to use with all required accessories available.


  • It is tall and quite heavy hence requires a sturdy ceiling to mount.

4. Everlast 70-Pound MMA Heavy-Bag Kit

Everlast punching bags have been changing lives one punch at a time due to the high-quality bags they deliver. The 70-pound kit is no exception. In fact, it comes heavily accessorized with a pair of punching gloves and 108-inch hand wraps all for the purpose of protecting your hands during a workout.

The chain can also adjust in height allowing the heavy bag to accommodate people of different heights. This also makes it excellent for various kinds of martial arts.

Inside, the filling consists of a mixture of sifted sand and natural synthetic material this provides good shock absorption while the sand provides some extra stiffness for resistance.

A tiny drawback would be that the bag weighs 70 pounds which may not be challenging enough for professionals. This is however quickly compensated by the sifted sand filling which makes each punch and kick count.

The poly canvas covering keeps the bag intact and durable despite constant punches and kicks and when paired with a 120 days return policy it will give you longevity.


  • It is highly adjustable making it convenient.
  • It is a great bag for entry level users as well as some lightweight training.
  • The accessories provided alongside the heavy bag are excellent at setting you up.
  • Though little, the three-month warranty will cover any manufacturer's defects.
  • The material used to fill it and make it is durable giving your years of service.


  • It is not ideal for professionals or users who way more than 160 pounds unless for lightweight training.

5. Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag

If you are short on cash but are looking to advance your boxing, this is exactly what you need. The Last Punch punching bag, despite coming at a very affordable price, is well accessorized with adjustable chains to hang it on a level that best suits your height.

It is 48 inches long with chains attached and 18 inches wide making it especially great for boxing.

The best part of this punching bag is that it comes in a high-quality canvas that allows you to fill it with anything you desire ranging from old clothes to plastics and even sand. This makes it excellent for professional training no matter your level of experience.


  • The last punch punching bag comes at a very affordable price.
  • It is also quite durable and can contain whatever filling material you want to use.
  • Although sparingly, its height can adjust allowing for more users to access it.


  • The zipped opening is small making it hard to fit it with filling material.
  • It can tear easily when subjected to lots of pressures.

Final Punch

There is absolutely nothing to choosing a good punching bag. Once you get past the issue of weight, the rest is pretty much a matter of preference.

When it comes to the best of our best punching bags, I would place my bet on the RDX heavy punching bag. Not just for its impressive list of equipment accompanying it once you purchase but also for its durability and great shock absorption.

Finally, after getting the right punching bag, pair it with the right workout routine and you will see great results in no time.

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