Best Sneakers For Flat Feet (Put Your Best Foot Forward!)

Half the people who have flat feet don't pay attention to the need for proper footwear. This can result in injuries to your legs and in some cases, your lower back too. In case you are not sure whether you have flat feet or not, this post is about to help you find out.

I will also be reviewing everything flat feet including treatment and proper footwear. As a bonus, I have five of the best sneakers for flat feet lined up. Keep reading!


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What Are Flat Feet And What Is The Big Deal About It?

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In simple terms, flat foot is when your feet do not have the arch usually present in the middle of your foot or it is low. This usually results to (as the name suggests) your feet lying flat on the ground when walking or seating.

The arch in the middle of the feet is usually important in distributing the pressure exerted on your legs while walking. This is experienced whereby the front part of the foot touches the ground first distributing pressure through the arch before the back of the foot touching the ground.

When it comes to people with flat feet, the entire foot gets in contact with the ground while walking hence pressure may be excreted directly on the long bones of your legs and calve muscles. This may cause pain or discomfort when walking.

Flat feet can be caused by a variety of things ranging from genetic inheritance to a symptom of an underlying condition.

So, Do I Have Flat Feet?

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It is no surprise to find people who are unsure whether their feet are flat or not. This is especially because some feet are not entirely arched hence not completely flat. In order to use the appropriate footwear, it is important to determine whether your feet are flat or not.

One sure way of determining this is by visiting a general doctor. It doesn’t have to be an appointment for examining your feet, you can slip in this query in any of your other appointments. A doctor will look at your feet from different angles (even tell you to stand on your toes) to ascertain whether your feet are flat or not.

While at home, you can also tell whether your feet are flat using a simple foot tracing exercise. Wet your feet and walk on concrete, paper or any leveled surface that will leave a footprint. If your entire leg is imprinted on the surface, then you have flat feet.

What About Children?

My child’s feet are flat should I be worried? This is probably what most parents think when it comes to children and flat feet. In most cases, there is usually nothing to worry about.

Children often have flat feet from birth to when they reach six to seven years old. This is usually due to the fact that the arcs in their legs have not yet formed or, baby fat is concealing the arch.

However, if parents have flat feet, it is no surprise to get children with flat feet as a result of inheritance. This is usually not a problem unless you start realizing funny walking styles in your child or they start experiencing discomfort or pain when walking. This usually warrants a visit to the doctor.

It has also been noted that children who spend most of their time barefoot usually develop an arch faster than those with flip flops and closed shoes. Foot exercises (involving picking things up with your foot) have also been seen to result in the development of an arch in kids. However, when it comes to adults, very little can be done to enhance the arch.

When Should You Be Worried?

Having a flat foot used to be a big deal in the middle ages due to restrictions from joining the military (hilarious right?). Since that is a thing of the past (literary) having a flat foot should not worry you unless you have the following conditions:

  • You experience pain or discomfort in your ankles, legs and in some cases even the lower back.
  • Over- pronation. This is when your feet roll out when walking. This usually leads to uneven distribution of your weight hence shoes wear out faster.
  • Your feet seem to get flatter with time.
  • Your feet get numb or weak.
  • You have other underlying conditions causing flat feet other than pregnancy and genetics.

Can It Be Treated?

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As I said earlier, flat feet is usually no problem unless you are experiencing pain or discomfort. In this case, you can address the pain or issue causing pain but not much can be done to alter the shape of your feet. This is achieved by having proper footwear, foot exercises and massages as well as taking pain killers when prescribed by a doctor.

In some severe cases, surgery is usually done to change the shape of your foot. This is usually done in very serious cases and only when other non-surgical methods fail. Different surgeries will be performed depending on the cause of you flat feet.

Footwear For Flat Feet

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Having flat feet automatically translates to taking extra care not to upset your joint and muscles. This can be done by having proper footwear. If you are already experiencing pain as a result of flat feet, good footwear can relieve this. Consider the footwear below.

Orthofeet Shoes

These are biometrically engineered shoes for supporting individuals with flat feet by managing the pain and discomfort caused by flat feet. Ortho feet usually come with insoles that provide arch support hence aligning your feet and other ergonomic design to reduce or prevent discomfort.

Support Shoes

When looking for shoes, get a pair that is branded "for added support". These usually give your arcs a lift hence preventing pain while walking. Sandals, high heels and overly flat shoes that often don’t support your feet are not encouraged.

Stability Shoes And Motion Control Shoes

These two kinds of shoes are designed to reduce pronation often found in people with flat feet. Motion control shoes address severe cases of flat feet and usually have extra foam injected in the midsole of shoes. Different brands have these kinds of shoes and will often mention it in the features.

Best Shoes For Flat Feet

1. New Balance Men's M1260V5 Running Shoe

If you are in search of a balance-oriented shoe that enable you to work out without interference, get the New Balance 1260 V5. These shoes will offer you maximum support while trying to walk, jog or run as part of your workout or daily routine.

The arch support offered is strong for your legs and ensures you are protected from spraining of your feet. It comes with great cushioning that helps prevent getting blisters and also helps relieve pain which may be experienced from foot related conditions such as tendonitis.

This shoe can also accommodate well all leg sizes including people with wide feet.


  • It is quite comfortable and targeted for people with leg conditions such as flat feet.
  • It can accommodate many different leg sizes
  • They are great for running over long distances


  • The shoes are significantly heavier and this affects their performance.
  • The shoe might be slightly uncomfortable the first time that you wear it but the discomfort disappears after being worn multiple times.

2. ASICS Men's GEL-Kayano 22 Running Shoe

If you are looking for a shoe that will present you with the perfect running experience, try out the ASICS Kayano 22. This shoe is equipped with superb gel-cushioning that acts as a shock absorber and therefore ensures you remain comfortable and safe from any injuries.

Your foot's natural gait is maintained by the shoe using the Guidance System that comes inbuilt. The upper and seamless side of the shoe will ensure that your feet obtain maximum support and stability without having to stitch or do the two-piece construction.

You will also enjoy the modern design that is used in manufacturing this shoe. Despite the size and shape of your feet or even your weight, this shoe will be able to support you comfortably.


  • Great cushioning hence offering great comfort.
  • It offers great fit and support despite your weight.
  • It is lightweight hence won’t weigh you down.


  • The shoe may not be as durable as you would expect.
  • The padding on heels is loose and therefore you may get blisters.

3. adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M Running Shoe

This shoe harbors all the comfort that you need to walk as it comes with various features designed to protect your feet.

The shoe has a returning cushioning that is positioned beneath your feet without causing discomfort or adding weight to your feet. This helps in positioning your feet right to distribute the weight of your body evenly hence no chance of body aches.

Additionally, you will enjoy the use of the breathable prime knit upper material that is used to give flexibility to the fit of the shoe. The stretch web that forms part of the shoe is made to enhance the energy returning the property of the boost offered by the shoe.

Comfort is guaranteed with no cases of blisters as a result of harsh insole material.


  • The comfort offered by the shoe.
  • It is pretty lightweight hence doesn’t wear you out.
  • Has a returning cushioning beneath your feet for proper feet positioning.
  • Comes with superior dampening capability


  • The shoe may be narrow for some legs

4. Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 19 Running Shoe

This shoe is designed to give you ultimate exercising performance and comfort no matter the shape of your feet. It is of a superior quality and you would be mesmerized by its durability.

It is also quite lightweight and is designed to offer you support throughout your exercising moments while holding your feet firm.

You will enjoy good cushioning when exercising or during your normal day to day walks hence relieving pressure excreted from the ground.


  • These shoes are pretty durable even through vigorous activity.
  • The cushioning of the shoe that makes it more comfortable and stable while in use.
  • It is lightweight to boost your comfort while exercising
  • Comes with a top insole that takes care of sensitive feet


  • The narrow shoe length that may be a challenge to people with longer legs.
  • Favors running and therefore not best for loafing

5. Brooks Men's Adrenaline Gts 17

This shoe offers you a balance between cushioning and stability. The cushioning is highly energizing to ensure it propels you through your exercises or routine walking.

The shoe also contains flexible mesh as well as the synthetic material that support your leg throughout its use. You will receive and adjustable mid-foot saddle that enhances the fit of the shoe on your body.

The durability of the shoe cannot be overlooked as the sole is also made of rubber which is a durable material. It can easily accommodate all feet sizes and shapes hence quite convenient.


  • It is quite comfortable due to great cushioning.
  • The perfect fit offered to different feet sizes.
  • It comes with a durable rubber body including the sole.


  • Less protection is offered for toes as they may pop out through the mesh parts.
  • The shoe is only available in a limited number of colors.

Final Lap

If you flat feet have been slowing you down, maybe it's time you checked your shoe type and adjust accordingly. That said, the shoes reviewed above will definitely help alleviate the discomfort that comes with having flat feet. You don't have to have flat feet to use them; proper footwear shouldn't just be done by ailing individuals.

That said, the best shoes for flat feet are the New Balance 1260V5. This is because, despite offering great comfort and support for your feet, these shoes go the extra mile to assist individuals with leg-related issues. It also provides great arch support hence reduces any chances of injuries.

Well, there you have it guys. I really hope you have learned something about flat feet. As usual, questions and comments are welcomed. Finally, keep moving forward, just do it in the right shoes!

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