How To Get Rid Of Back Fat And Replace It With Some Toned Muscles

We all have trouble areas in our bodies which never seem to lose fat easily. One of the most common trouble areas for many people is the back. This is probably because it is also the most neglected especially during home workouts. I will be telling you how to get rid of back fat but before I get into that, a quick glance at exactly what causes back fat.

If you have that stubborn back flab preventing you from rocking crop tops and tight tank tops, one of the common culprits for this is muscle atrophy. This is when your muscles lose strength and tone and as result end up being tender or replaced by fat. Muscle atrophy is caused by poor nutrition and lack of adequately engaging a specific muscle.

These two (poor nutrition and lack of exercise) are also responsible for causing fat to accumulate in your back. You can also blame your back fat on genes as some people tend to store fat in specific areas simply because this is the hand they were dealt.

The good news is, despite the reason behind your flabby back, you can lose the fat, gain some muscles and get that sexy back, back! The not so good news is that it will take some hard work since it is not possible to lose fat in one specific area. That been said, there is a lot to be done, so let’s go to town ladies and gentlemen!


1. Work On Your Posture

It is obvious that strong back muscles help in attaining a good posture. This also works the other way round. Such that, a good posture can help in strengthening your core and spine. By maintaining an upright posture while standing and sitting, you not only give an impression of confidence but also engage your back muscles without lifting a finger!

By doing this, you prevent fat accumulation due to bad posture.

Trust me, you would be surprised at how much fat is accumulated in all the wrong places due to bad postures. That said, the next time you want to slump in your seat, remember you might be accumulating back fat and weakening your core. So sit up to shape up!

2. Cardio Meets Strength Training

If you follow my posts regularly (bless your beautiful soul!) you must have heard me talk about pairing cardio with weight lifting for faster fat loss. I talk about this so much, I should probably come up with a song! In case you missed it, here’s a little recap. Cardio is excellent for weight loss and burning fat but without lifting, you end up having saggy skin and muscles. The results are also much, much slower.

Do your overall cardio workouts for at least two and a half hours a week while hitting your weights at least twice a week. You can check out my articles on incorporating cardio with lifting for more information on this.

While you cannot lose weight in one specific body part, focus on your back muscles while sculpting the rest of your body. Some great weight lifting exercises that target your back include pull-ups, rows, upright cycling, swimming, side planks and straight arm press backs.

3. Yoga And Pilates

These two exercises entail poses that challenge your target muscles. The beauty in them is that they can both be used on any set of muscles including your back muscles. By using yoga and Pilates to target your back, you strengthen your core, improve your posture and most importantly, burn back fat replacing it with muscles.

So, if you find cardio and weight lifting too vigorous for you, incorporate yoga and Pilates to your workouts. This prevents you from neglecting your back muscles and strengthening them for the yet to come weight lifting and cardio. Go ahead and sign up for any of these two classes, you will thank me later!

4. Eat Clean!

Engaging in any form of exercise without a healthy diet is like flogging a dead horse. A waste of energy and time! As I said earlier, you are probably accumulating that back fat due to your unhealthy diet. So, alongside a good workout plan, have yourself a healthy balanced diet every day. By healthy I mean replacing excess sugar and empty carbs with whole foods, healthy fats, minerals and a variety of proteins.


I am not saying it will be easy, but by pairing a good exercise routine with a healthy diet, you can lose your back fat. Don’t forget to concentrate on exercises designed to target your back and activate the muscles therein (as mentioned above).

Meanwhile, as you work out to get rid of back fat, you can dress your body appropriately to conceal any back flabs. A good way of doing this is by investing is clothes that fit you well and ones with a V-shaped back.

As, usual it has been a pleasure. I am eager to hear your thought and stories on back fat so leave some words in the comments section!

Nancy Moore

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