Astonishing Pull Ups Benefits You Didn’t Know (#1 Will Blow Your Mind)

Pull-ups are the squats of the upper body! I bet you’ve heard that being thrown around. No? Well, they are. This is because pull-ups are vital for upper body growth but are one of the toughest upper body exercises to execute. In fact, now that I think of it, I hardly see anyone doing pull-ups at the gym; which is a huge loss by the way.

Although these exercises are hard to do, they come with a bucket load of benefits. Before we dive into this, I hope I don’t have to remind you the importance of doing this or any other exercise in proper form so as to avoid injuries and reap full benefits. Of course, you knew this! Silly me.

So, the benefits of pull-ups. Apart from the obvious, strong, sexy, Arnold Schwarzenegger shoulders and arms, pull-ups deliver numerous other benefits some of which quite frankly are astonishing. Without further ado, I give you nine benefits of pull-ups.


1. Convenience In Execution

I’m sure you have seen shirtless guys doing pull-ups in the streets. Okay fine, not in the streets but in street alleys or front yards leading to streets. What I’m driving at is; pull-ups are the most convenient exercise you will find. All you need is a bar and you are set. Nobody is telling you to walk around with a bar in your purse or gym bag. I’m pretty sure that is a crime somewhere!

A safer means would be installing a bar in your house or workout area. This is very convenient especially for people with no time to go to the gym. Incase you are wondering where to find a bar, you can easily purchase an affordable gym bar, and you are good to go!

2. Tones Of Variations

There are very many variations of pull-ups that ensure you target the desired muscles. For example, wide and close grip pull-ups are efficient for targeting your lats while chin ups emphasize on your biceps. Variations also provide an alternative to the conventional pull-ups which are pretty hard to do for a newbie.

A good example is doing pull downs in place of pull-ups up until you gain enough strength to complete the right number of sets and reps required in pull-ups. Moreover, additional weight can be used to increase the intensity of this exercise. This is a quite effective and fast way of experiencing muscle growth through progressive training.

3. Goodbye Back Ache. Hello Strong Back!

Strong Back

I think it’s fair to say that in this era we spend most of our time seated or sleeping which may result in back pain or a weak back. Sometimes poor seating and standing postures also result in lower back pain. With this in mind, adequate back exercises couldn’t have come at a better time.

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises that engage the back muscles ensuring you get a strong back and also help in treating lower back pain. A strong back not only helps in your day to day life but also comes in handy as you age. While other grandpas your age will be having trouble walking, you will be getting chicks on your own two feet, all thanks to pull-ups!

4. Increased Grip Strength

Pull-ups involve lifting your entire body using the support of your hands and arms. Without a doubt, pull up play a huge role in enhancing your grip strength. Grip strength is not only important in delivering impressive strong handshakes but also very vital in your day to day gym life.

A good grip will enable you to lift heavier weights at the gym which is an essential part of growth. The more you advance in pull-ups, the stronger your grip hence, the easier it gets to perform other gym exercises.

5. A Strong And Toned Upper Body

Being a form of strength training, pull-ups help you replace body fat with muscles. This gives you a sexy, lustful toned upper body. To add to that, pull-ups work the majority of muscles in the upper body that is the lats, biceps, and shoulders.

For guys, this will give you muscles in all the right places for the highly desired V shape by enlarging your arms and shoulders while your waistline looks smaller.

The ladies can also benefit from lean arms that come with doing pull-ups by assuming a wide grip variation. If pull-ups are a challenge, (this is especially for the ladies) pull downs are a nice starting point for those lean arms.

6. Better Posture

By strengthening your core and back, pull-ups help in giving you a better or rather a vertical posture while standing and sitting down. A good posture not only results in a confident gait and aura but also leads to a healthy back and bone structure. What are you waiting for? Literally stand out from the crowd thanks to pull-ups!

7. A Compound Exercise

Compound or multi-joint exercises target different muscles by utilizing different joints at once. Pull-ups are one of these exercises. They attack the back, shoulder, arms and chest muscles all at once when properly executed with different variations. This provides growth of the essential upper body muscles as well as joints and ligaments surrounding them. The result is an overall healthy body and increased ease in mobility.

8. Efficient For Acquiring Functional Strength

Remember me comparing pull-ups to squats at the beginning of this article? Well, just like squats, pull-ups are a functional exercise. What are functional exercises you ask? These are exercises that give you the required strength to carry out day to day activities.

Being an excellent compound exercise, pull-ups provide the body with adequate strength to manage daily life activities with ease. By doing pull-ups, you develop the muscles and joints of your whole body allowing you to manage life’s physical hurdles just fine.

9. A Great Alternative To Cardio

While you cannot completely replace your cardio exercises with pull-ups, they can be interchanged now and then to acquire the same effect. You may be wondering how pull-ups can be compared to cardio.

Well, the essence of cardio exercise is to strengthen heart and lung muscles while burning fat. The same effect can be attained from doing pull-ups.

This stems from the fact that pull-ups are quite hard to do ( again, pulling your entire body up using your hands is not as easy as it sounds) hence you will use more energy and end up burning calories as well as increasing your heart rate.

While pull-ups cannot be used to replace cardio, they can be switched with cardio once in a while to get holistic cardiovascular benefits.


If you can complete a set of pull-ups, first of all, mad respect to you! Secondly, you stand to gain the amazing benefits that come with pull-ups. On the other hand, it is important to realize that pull-ups are complex hence they are hard to pull off as I have mentioned over and over again in this article.

To avoid the strain involved or injuries, starting slow or with an alternative exercise like pull downs is a safe bet.

The bottom line is, engaging in a vigorous set of pull-ups will result in so many benefits not only to your upper body but also your mental and general health. Remember, having fun during workouts removes the work from workouts. So, as I have always said, try to have fun as you sculpt your bodies. It will be totally worth it.

Oh, if you have any questions about pull-ups, don’t be shy, leave a comment below and I will get back to you in a jiffy.

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