7 Remarkable Recumbent Bike Benefits You Should Know (See Breakthrough Results)

I am sure you have come across a typical upright bicycle. Well, a recumbent bike pretty much serves the same purpose as an upright bike the only major difference is the design. When it comes to recumbent bikes, they are designed with user’s comfort in mind hence the seat it reclined backward and the pedals are in front of you.

This way, even your grandma’ can get some cardio out of this bike without worrying about falling off. These bikes come as stationary bikes mostly for exercise purposes or as mobile bikes that can be used on the road for cardio or traveling.

In this article we cover the recumbent bike benefits both stationary and mobile, but before we get into that, a little disclosure. When you are using this equipment for cardio, try to increase the intensity so as to reap the most from your workout.

That said, other than making you look cool while working out, the recumbent bikes come with a boat load of benefits you ought to know. Find out today!


1. Great For Cardio

Recumbent bikes do a great job at facilitating your cardio workouts. Due to the relaxed state, your focus is shifted from the need to balance on the bike to attaining your workout goals. This way, you can complete your sets and reps hence giving you a complete and great workout session.

The fact that you can increase intensity especially on the stationary bike is a huge bonus when it comes to providing resistance during your workouts. Hence once again, it all boils down to a great cardio workout.

2. Targets A Variety Of Muscles

Lower Body Transformation

Unlike your ordinary bike which mostly targets your calves and thighs, the recumbent bike attacks more muscles. The reclined seating position allows you to use your thigh, calf, and glute muscles while cycling resulting in a beautiful and well-toned body.

Resistance and increasing your reps and sets will bring you closer to a healthier, stronger and quite frankly, sexy body that you yearn for. So, optimize on that.

3. Your Lower Back And Joints Are Safe!

While using the recumbent bike whether for exercise or day to day transportation, you spare your back and joints the pressures that comes with an ordinary bike. The laid back posture allows your back to be supported while in use hence very little chances of injuries.

Your leg joints, (that is your knees and ankles) are also shielded since they are stretched out in front of you as opposed to being bent reducing the pressure excreted on them.

4. Ideal For Weight Loss

Just like any other cardio enhancing equipment, a recumbent bike can be used for exercises to reduce your weight. This is where it gets interesting, recumbent bikes are faster than upright bikes giving you no limits when you intend on taking your workouts to the next level. The comfort these bikes bring also allow you to go hard during cardio hence faster results.

5. Provides Comfort And Balance

These bikes come with wide seats that are quite comfortable as opposed to the raised and small seats that come with the upright bikes. This will give you comfort while cycling be it stationary or mobile. Other than preventing your butt from soreness, the seat on recumbent bikes is good for balance.

Since the seat is low and wide, the odds of you falling off or struggling to find balance while cycling is very low. In the end, you will not waste time struggling to balance, instead, time will be well spent actually working out.

6. Great For All Levels Of Training And Ages Too!

levels of training

The recumbent bike comes with very little restrictions as to who can use it. Thanks to its comfortable design and little stress on joints, even the elderly people can use this bike especially when it comes to working out.

When it comes to the level of training, you do not have to be a pro athlete to be able to use it. If you are new to the gym, starting slow and later advancing in your program is possible with this bike. Expert too can benefit from the recumbent bike by simply advancing the program level on the bike.

Moreover, this bike is pretty safe when you need an ideal equipment for cross training. Due to its little impact on the back and joints, athletes can easily enhance their fitness by cycling with the recumbent bike without worrying about injuries.

7. Gentle, Safe And Sound

Other than the gym, the other place where recumbent bikes are common is the rehabilitation center. Why? Simply because these bikes are very gentle on the body as well as very safe. The differentiator from any other bikes is the design used in making it.

For instance, the bike itself comes with a low center of gravity such that it is closer to the ground than your ordinary bike. This way, even if you fall off (never been heard of before), you will probably walk off any injuries if any. This also makes it very easy to get on and off the bike even for sickly or elderly individuals.

Some bikes even go to the extent of including a safety belt hence taking your safety issues to another level. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that these bikes are safe for anyone to use.


Although recumbent bikes cost an arm and a leg, the benefits you will gain from owning or using one will make it worthwhile. But before you settle on one, keep in mind that they come in different shapes and sizes so chose one that will suit your needs.

Also, if you are interested in a recumbent bike for exercise purposes, choosing one that can increase your intensity while training will be the best way to go. When all is said and done, if you are looking for a thorough cardio session yet safe, you can bank on recumbent bikes to deliver.

As usual, your comments and questions are very much appreciated and taken seriously so if you have any, you know what to do.


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